Moritz Schneidewendt

is a creative musician and versatile clarinetist. He is regularly on stage as a chamber musician and soloist. He is particularly passionate about contemporary music, which he plays above all with his ensembles Broken Frames Syndicate, ensemble via nova and Kommas Ensemble. In addition, he is interested in interdisciplinary projects and creative collaboration.
Moritz lives and works in Offenbach/Main, where he is part of Ateliergemeinschaft Wäscherei.


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Orchester im Treppenhaus
Festspielhaus Baden Baden
10. December 2023
Baden Baden

Broken Frames Syndicate

26. Jan. – 10. Feb. 2024

Harvard University
Paine Hall, Cambridge
02. February 2024

Jim is still crowing
Roulette, New York City
08. February 2024

Tage für zeitgenössische Musik
Broken Frames Syndicate
25. February 2024


Atelier Wäscherei

Birkenlohrstraße 1-3, 63071 Offenbach

The studio houses various visual arts - painting, photography, sculpture, illustration, video - and contemporary music. Since its founding in 2019, 12 artists have been working under one roof in our shared studio. On a total of almost 300 m², we design, screw, make music, print, paint, weld, film and choreograph. We research, experiment and use our shared space both for individual work and for cooperative, interdisciplinary projects.

As the place of origin of our internationally presented works, we also want to open our rooms for exhibitions, concerts and studio visits.


    Carolin Liebl
    Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler
    Sara Nahid Abtahi
    Charlotte Rahn
    Yoonsun Kim
    Paul Pape
    Raphaël Languillat
    Moritz Schneidewendt
    Patrick David Brockmann
    Malte Sänger
    Felicitas von Lutzau
    Sandra Krawinkel