Moritz Schneidewendt

is a creative musician and versatile clarinetist. He is regularly on stage as a chamber musician and soloist. He is particularly passionate about contemporary music, which he plays above all with his ensembles Broken Frames Syndicate, ensemble via nova and Kommas Ensemble. In addition, he is interested in interdisciplinary projects and creative collaboration.
Moritz lives and works in Offenbach/Main, where he is part of Ateliergemeinschaft Wäscherei.


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Orchester im Treppenhaus
16. & 17. February 2024
aufhof, Hannover

Tage für zeitgenössische Musik
Broken Frames Syndicate
25. February2024


Bridges Kammerorchester

Bridges Kammerorchester
2. March 2024 – 19.45 Uhr, Casals Forum Kronberg

Bridges Kammerorchester
3. March 2024 – 19.00 Uhr, Congress Park Hanau

Bridges Kammerorchester
7. March 2024 – 20.00 Uhr, Bürgerhaus Dreieich

Kommas Ensemble
13. March 2024
Alte Feuerwache, Köln

24.-30. April 2024

Broken Frames Syndicate
03. May 2024
Akademie der Künste,

ensemble via nova
23.-26. May 2024

Tage für Neue Musik Brandenburg
Broken Frames Syndicate
31. May 2024
Potsdam Museum


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Someone is aiming a sharpshooter's rifle at you - what do you do?

A) Flee into the nearby forest
B) Seek shelter in the factory next door
C) Don't be disturbed and make a phone call first

In this video opera you make the decisions about how the plot continues.

You are in control of the protagonist’s fate and how much new music you hear. you are the composer.

But something is wrong here… Does it have something to do with your memories?

What is the conductor's secret? Why are the musicians acting so strangely towards you? Who can you trust, and who is that mysterious person aiming a laser pointer at you?

Only YOU can find out.

KAIROSIS is an interactive video opera and can be played online as an adventure game.


MORITZ EGGERT – composition | script

MORITZ SCHNEIDEWENDT – artistic direction | idea | production

URS FELIX BAUER  – film | camera
AGNES STORCH-PAPE – costume | makeup
ELENA FELLISCH – the composer

& friends

Tanzkamera Obscura

The dance camera Obscura is an art project by Paul Pape in collaboration with the product designer Felix Pape and the costume & set designer Agnes Storch-Pape. It captures the movements of dancers and transfers them into light drawings. The dancers' arms and legs are connected - like marionettes on strings - to a handmade machine that registers them in a drawing. This creates an unexpected combination of movement, dance and music, and analogue photography is reinterpreted.

For the 2020 premiere, I collaborated with Raphael Languillat to develop experimental tracks for bass clarinet and live electronics. In 2021, we contributed the music for the film "Tanzkamera Räume" in collaboration with Timm Roller (modular synthesizer), while in the most recent performances we focused on improvised music.


Musicians and dancers create dance images and leave traces in a photographic emulsion.

is a multidisciplinary project at the interface between analogue photography and experimental music. By working and playing with a specially developed apparatus, we address the relationship between man and machine and explore new ways of joint expression. Musicians, composers, visual artists, designers and theatre-makers collaborate.

With the aim of making sound and movement visible, interpersonal interaction is processed in dependence on a machine. Contemporary music played live is graphically captured during the performance and developed in real time.

The photo drawings created by this process are now exhibited with a focus on the visual, but on the other hand can be (re)interpreted musically above all as graphic notation.


The performance aims to make music and sound visible through contemporary photography.

 is a project from Paul Pape, Raphaël Languillat and Moritz Schneidewendt

Bauhaus 2019

Shared residency Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau/Kurt-Weill-Fest 2019

In the Bauhaus Year 2019, I spent two months in the historic Meisterhäuser of the Bauhaus Dessau. Through the intensive exploration of the Bauhaus heritage and especially W. Kandinsky, a performative concept for the "Moholy-Nagy" house in Dessau was created together with the violinist William Overcash.

Today, Kandinsky's graphic works are most famous, but he was also interested in theatre, music and sound, wrote poetry and developed the well-known colour-form theory. His ultimate goal was the synthesis of the different disciplines.

Inspired by Kandinsky's artistic consistency and by the complexity of Bauhaus, instrumental compositions, electro-acoustic pieces, a silent film soundtrack and performative concepts have been created.

What does a yellow triangle sound like? Do pictures have rhythm? Do shapes make sounds? And what sounds can be found in concrete?