Moritz Schneidewendt

is a creative musician and versatile clarinetist. He is regularly on stage as a chamber musician and soloist. He is particularly passionate about contemporary music, which he plays above all with his ensembles Broken Frames Syndicate, ensemble via nova and Kommas Ensemble. In addition, he is interested in interdisciplinary projects and creative collaboration.
Moritz lives and works in Offenbach/Main, where he is part of Ateliergemeinschaft Wäscherei.


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Orchester im Treppenhaus
Festspielhaus Baden Baden
10. December 2023
Baden Baden

Broken Frames Syndicate

26. Jan. – 10. Feb. 2024

Harvard University
Paine Hall, Cambridge
02. February 2024

Jim is still crowing
Roulette, New York City
08. February 2024

Tage für zeitgenössische Musik
Broken Frames Syndicate
25. February 2024


Kommas Ensemble

Kommas Ensemble is a Cologne-based contemporary music formation. A special focus is on the latest developments in Latin American new music. With conceptual programmes, Latin American composers in Germany are given a platform to broaden the spectrum of contemporary music here and thus contribute to a democratisation of the global music business.

Latin American composers, new artistic positions and socio-political themes from Latin America are to be increasingly reflected in our programmes.


    Johannes Haase, violin
    Alba Gonzales Becerra, viola
    Kyubin Hwang, cello
    Maruta Staravoitava, flute
    Moritz Schneidewendt, clarinet
    Alberto Carnevale Ricci, piano
    Ramon Gardella, percussion
    Lautaro Mura Fuentealba, conductor
    Francisco C. Goldschmidt, composer