Moritz Schneidewendt

is a creative musician and versatile clarinetist. He is regularly on stage as a chamber musician and soloist. He is particularly passionate about contemporary music, which he plays above all with his ensembles Broken Frames Syndicate, ensemble via nova and Kommas Ensemble. In addition, he is interested in interdisciplinary projects and creative collaboration.
Moritz lives and works in Offenbach/Main, where he is part of Ateliergemeinschaft Wäscherei.


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Orchester im Treppenhaus
Festspielhaus Baden Baden
10. December 2023
Baden Baden

Broken Frames Syndicate

26. Jan. – 10. Feb. 2024

Harvard University
Paine Hall, Cambridge
02. February 2024

Jim is still crowing
Roulette, New York City
08. February 2024

Tage für zeitgenössische Musik
Broken Frames Syndicate
25. February 2024


Broken Frames Syndicate

plays contemporary music and brings holistic concert experiences to the stage. The ten of us show alternatives to the usual and stand up for the critical examination of socially relevant topics.

Our focus is on collaboration with young composers, through which we commit ourselves to the diversification of the contemporary classical scene.
The conceptual depth of our programming is the core of our vision. With new formats, we use music to tell stories, inspire discussions, think outside the box, and invest in new ways of thinking.
In doing so, we consciously free ourselves from outdated structures and dogmas of the music business.

Founded in 2018 after our time at the International Ensemble Modern Academy in Frankfurt, we now play in varying formations and regularly perform in concerts and at festivals in Germany and abroad. Recent invitations include Mixtur Festival in Barcelona, the Harvard Group for New Music residency, and Beethovenfest Bonn.

BFS is awarded the Ernst von Siemens Ensembleprize 2024.


    Lola Rubio, Violin
    William Overcash, Violin
    Laura Hovestadt, Viola
    Nathan Watts, Violoncello
    Katrin Szamatulski, Flute
    Moritz Schneidewendt, Clarinet
    Peng-Hui Wang, Bassoon
    Vitaliy Kyianytsia, Piano
    Yu-Ling Chiu, Percussion
    Lautaro Mura Fuentealba, Conductor
    Yongbom Lee, Composer

Management – artistic direction
    Moritz Schneidewendt
    Katrin Szamatulski
    Lautaro Mura Fuentealba

We question the existing.

We draw strength from fractures.

We are the Broken Frames Syndicate.

We cooperate with young composers and put current music into the context of topics that matter to us.

We are more than the parts of ourselves.